About Us

We are helping to advance human knowledge by making research more accessible. Our vision is to form the backbone for scientific communication and facilitate the seamless spread of scholarly research.

Kopernio provides researchers with one-click access to academic journal articles wherever they are. We help researchers discover, collaborate and build on each other’s work as they solve the biggest problems facing humanity.

Our Values

We are a small and growing team. In everything we do, we aspire to embody the values that underpin great science.

Above everything else we are motivated by:

We share a fascination with the unknown and unexplained and a desire to try new things and make them work.
We see the positive in change and recognise that the path of progress is paved with uncertainty.
We accept that failure happens and experiments sometimes don't work out as expected. We find that a null result can be as important as a shiny new finding.
We are autonomous, we take responsibility and own the outcomes of our work.

Life at Kopernio

The founders earned their stripes building startups and bring with them an entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed. You will be surrounded by people that default to action, love to get things done, and get them done well, together as a team.

Kopernio gives you the best of the startup and corporate worlds. We live and breathe the startup spirit, and since our acquisition by Clarivate you know that your career progression and skills advancement are in the budget, as well as loads of other “big company” benefits and perks.

Like any other startup you can expect the foosball table, and the occasional company lunch. What sets us apart is that when we hangout we'll be telling slightly nerdy jokes or end up trying to work out answers from first principles - most recently: "how many taste buds are on the tongue". On Friday evenings we head to The Arch climbing wall to unwind. There are plenty of other mini-adventures planned - ranging from attending The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition to a little bit of axe throwing at a nearby axe-throwing-wall...

If you cherish curiosity and ingenuity; if you are not afraid to stand by your decisions and act with humility; if you want to build the tools that help scientists shine, then this is the team for you.