Kopernio Institutional DashboardBETA

Insights into your patrons’ discovery and access patterns

Find out how your patrons access scholarly content and track the usage of your journal subscriptions, all while ensuring the privacy of their data.

Introducing the Kopernio Institutional Dashboard (KID) beta, combining access data from the Kopernio browser plugin with extensive high-quality datasets of Web of Science.

  • Gain a publisher-independent granular view of your journal subscription usage by a publisher and by individual journal title
  • Get a unique understanding of how subscription and OA content usage is evolving, both on and off-campus
  • Configure how the Kopernio plugin integrates with your existing library services, such as your proxy server and link resolver. Supercharge your patrons’ Kopernio experience and foreground the institution’s role in delivering access to content.
  • Identify breakages and misconfigurations in your existing infrastructure that prevent your patrons from accessing the content they need.
Kopernio Institutional Dashboard overview page
Contact us to schedule a demo with actual usage data for your institution.

See the KID (Kopernio Institutional Dashboard) demo

You may already have hundreds or thousands of Kopernio at your institution. See how the KID can help you support your patrons' full-text access needs.

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