What is Kopernio?

Kopernio is a browser plugin that finds the best available PDF of an academic article while you browse. Behind the scenes Kopernio will search open databases and (where possible) your university's subscriptions to find the best version of the paper for you. The best article PDF is never more than a click away.

How can I support Kopernio?

If you've found Kopernio useful we'd love to hear from you. We're on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also leave us a ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ review in the Chrome Store.

Do I need a university email address?

You can sign up with any email address. However, features requiring library integration only work if tell us the name of your institution.

I can't find my institution on your list — what should I do?

Please check different variants of your institutions name (e.g. The Chinese University of Hong Kong may be saved as "Chinese University of Hong Kong"). In some cases the English name may be used rather than the local name (e.g. Universidade Federal de São Paulo may be saved as "Federal University of Sao Paulo").

Where does Kopernio get the PDFs from?

Kopernio integrates with library proxies to retrieve research articles from library subscriptions. If your library is supported, Kopernio will configure this for you automatically. Kopernio also indexes a range of additional data sources from which PDFs can be retrieved:

  • Open access publishers
  • Institutional repositories
  • Pre-print servers
  • Google Scholar
  • Your Kopernio search history

What do you mean by the “best” PDF version?

Where possible, Kopernio will retrieve the final published version of the journal article. For non open-access articles which are not available via your institutional subscription, Kopernio will try find an alternative version instead. Alternative versions include pre-prints and author manuscripts deposited in institutional repositories.

Can I use Kopernio off campus?

Yes! Kopernio works both on and off campus! If your university library offers a proxy service, Kopernio will try to use this to retrieve PDFs when you are off campus. The first time this happens you will see your library's login page. Once you've authenticated once, you can continue to use your libraries subscription access as normal.

Why do I need to register?

Registration only takes a few seconds and allows us to provide a much better experience. You don't need to use your university email and password to register if you prefer not to. Once you've registered, PDFs you access via Kopernio are stored in the cloud in your personal “Locker” and are automatically sync'd between devices and can easily shared easily with colleagues.

What does Kopernio do with my library credentials?

When you authenticate against your library proxy for the first time, your details are stored locally within the Kopernio plugin.This is very similar to how password managers such as LastPass work. To ensure your security, all sensitive details are encrypted using industry standard encryption algorithms. All processing of credentials is done locally and your password is never transmitted to or stored on Kopernio servers.

What publishers/platforms do you support?

The Kopernio plugin is activated on a white list of websites. This white list includes:

  • Open access publishers
  • Paywalled publishers
  • Abstract databases including Pubmed, Scopus and Web of Science.
  • Pre-print servers such as the arXiv
  • Selected institutional repositories

We are constantly adding to this list and are always open to suggestions for new places the Kopernio plugin would be helpful. Drop us an email at help@kopernio.com if you'd like to see Kopernio support on a new site.

If you do not find an answer to your question, feel free to drop us an email at help@kopernio.com.