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Over 750,000 researchers, librarians and academic professionals speed up their research with Kopernio.

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Kopernio works on thousands of academic websites to get you full-text PDFs, whether you are on or off campus. Once you have the PDF, what you do with it is up to you.

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How does Kopernio work?

Securely connect to your library's journal subscriptions

You are given the option to login with your library credentials. Kopernio stores these credentials in your browser. They are not stored on our servers and are never shared, or used for any other purpose except accessing your library subscriptions.

Subscription and Open Access combined

Kopernio harnesses your library subscriptions to get you the highest quality PDFs. When your subscriptions do not grant you access, Kopernio will search for an open access alternative from its vast database of Open Access articles.

One-click access to PDFs on article pages

When you visit an article page on any academic website, Kopernio searches for full text PDFs and gives you one-click access via a button that is in a consistent, convenient place.

One-click access to PDFs from search pages

When using various academic search engines such as Web of Science and PubMed Kopernio searches for full texts PDFs and gives you one-click access.

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4.8 stars in the Chrome Web Store