Kopernio for publishers

Connect researchers to your content in one click.

Legal access to your version of record is now never more than one click away with Kopernio, a free browser plugin.

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Key Benefits for Publishers

Improve access to your version of record

Kopernio transparently handles authentication on behalf of the end-user and their institution. As users go about their online research workflows, your version of record is never more than a click away. This ensures that your content is always the most conveniently accessible.

Increase the reach of your content

The Kopernio browser extension travels with researchers online and adds one-click shortcuts direct to high-quality publisher content across thousands of third-party platforms including PubMed, pre-print servers and institutional repositories: platforms that publishers wouldn’t necessarily have access to, or visibility of, otherwise.

Redirect usage to publisher platforms

By building on established authentication infrastructure, publisher downloads facilitated via Kopernio are automatically COUNTER compliant, ensuring that downloads can be correctly reported back to libraries, and providing a more complete picture of content usage.

What do publishers need to do to benefit from Kopernio?

Kopernio automatically detects end-user entitlements and facilitates one-click access to journal content via established industry authentication systems. As such, there is nothing that publishers strictly need to do to benefit from Kopernio.

However, to ensure an optimal user experience Kopernio tries to make use of metadata embedded in article pages. We recommend that publishers follow the Dublin Core or similar standards to ensure tags such as dc.identifier and citation_pdf_url are present.

Read our FAQs to learn more.

Partner with Kopernio

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