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Bring your subscriptions and open access content into your researchers' workflows in one click with Kopernio, a free browser plugin.

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Used at over 2,000 institutions worldwide

“A librarian will change your life! Drew @WCM_Library taught me about @kopernio this week. One-click instant access to tons of article PDFs! Hope this will help someone else stop using roundabout ways to access papers! Reclaim your time!”

Onyinye Balogun MD, Rad Onc - Weill Cornell Medicine

“Kopernio complements the Library's link resolver system, by providing an additional access option for our community. Caltech users appreciate that it can find a legitimate Open Access copy of a paper not included in our subscription content. Kopernio does not require the repeated input of access credentials.“

Gail P Clement, Head of Research Services - Caltech

“We have many research staff here who rely on the library's subscriptions, but never set foot in the library or even visit the library homepage to look for journal access, so Kopernio is a great tool for them. We're planning to continue promoting Kopernio and are encouraging users to sign up.“

Matthew Hoy, Associate Director - Mayo Clinic Libraries

Key Benefits for libraries

One-click access to legal full-text articles

Kopernio gives your patrons one-click access from within their existing workflows. Help researchers spend less time struggling with access, and more time reading the papers they need, anytime, anywhere.

Streamline access both on and off campus

Kopernio lets your patrons seamlessly access their library subscription both on campus via IP authentication, and off-campus using your library’s authentication infrastructure.

Drive increased usage of your journal subscriptions

Kopernio ensures that your library subscriptions are conveniently available at the point of need across more than 20,000 academic platforms, eliminating the appeal of illegitimate alternatives. Usage is automatically COUNTER compliant so you get visibility of which resources are being used.

Find the best legally-available version of a research paper

Kopernio always prioritizes the Version of Record directly from the publisher. When not available via your existing subscription, it will search for an open access alternative in repositories, discovery services and other legitimate sources of access.

Builds on your existing authentication systems

Kopernio uses your existing authentication infrastructure and respects your current configuration.

Ensure your patron's privacy

Kopernio is strongly committed to individual user privacy. All sensitive details are encrypted using industry standard security and never stored on our servers. See our Data Principles for more information.

Link Resolver Integration

Kopernio now integrates with your institutional link resolver via OpenURL to help researchers avoid dead ends. When Kopernio is unable to provide one-click access to a PDF via subscription or to an open access alternative, users will now be directed back to your link resolver, providing access to aggregator content, non-digital holdings and other resources you specify, such as document delivery or interlibrary loans.

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1) Help your patrons get the best experience in accessing research with Kopernio.

We’ve tried to configure Kopernio to work with as many institutions as possible, but it’s only with your help that we can provide the best experience possible. Please follow the Kopernio library setup to help us make sure we have everything we need. Contact us if you have any questions.

2) Spread the word about Kopernio within your institution.

If you think Kopernio could help your researchers or your colleagues, please tell them about it! You could cover Kopernio as part of a training session or consider adding it to your library web pages. Recommending Kopernio on social media also helps - mention @kopernio and we’ll help to signal boost.

3) Get in touch with your feedback

Kopernio is constantly being improved - and we’re always on the lookout for ways to make it even better. If you have a feature request or a suggestion for how we could change how it works, please drop us a line with your ideas: [email protected].

Do you still have questions about Kopernio?

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