Comparison of Researcher workflow plugins

Make an informed decision on your go-to tool for finding and accessing the PDF of journal articles that you need.

We compare key features such as PDF storage, ease of sharing, type of research, and specific benefits for librarians.

Free to use Yes No Yes Yes No
Access One-click access Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Off-campus subscription access Yes Yes No No Yes
Open access articles Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link resolver/inter-library loan integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Convenience PDF cloud storage Yes No No No No
Search paper history Yes No No No No
Reference manager integration Yes No No No Yes
Dropbox integration Yes No No No No
PDF sharing Yes No No No No
Paper citations Yes No No No Yes
Curated citation metrics Yes No No No Yes
E-book support No Yes No No No
Assisted authentication Yes No No No No
Chrome Store users (November 2019) 263,665 71,329 15,878 223,019 37,631


The goal of this comparison is to enable both researchers and librarians to make an informed decision on the best tool to access full-text PDFs of journal articles and save time in doing so. We'd like to keep this comparison objective and are open for feedback and updates where applicable, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will make sure it's updated as soon as possible.

Latest Update: November 2019